These ‘Basic’ Posts Are So Frustrating


Every time I peruse my Facebook news feed, I see articles posted. “25 Tattoos All Basic Girls Need.” “30 Trends Guys Hate.” “20 Reasons You’re Basic.” I see comments all over tumblr posts, bashing people who like something popular.

Honestly, guys.


I have an infinity symbol tattoo. So do, what, seven million other girls. Does that matter? No. Each of us got it because we liked it! Some of us have these super distinct reasons to get it slapped on our bodies forever. Others saw it and decided it looked pretty, so why not? Regardless, why is it such an issue? Why do people groan and grimace when they hear about it, immediately writing a person off as one of the herd?

And then there’s selfies.

A group of people takes selfies at a ball game, and everyone discusses how they are nothing like those bimbos. Wow, how vapid of them! Forget the fact that we later found out this was during a selfie moment at the game. Why do you care so much that people actually like their faces? For some people, it makes them feel confident! When you find that 1-in-50 picture of yourself that you like, you post it! Why should it make you a vain Barbie or tear at your masculinity?

If something makes someone happy, why can’t we just let them have it? Let people like what they like! If those things that brighten up someone’s day doesn’t harm anyone else or invalidate another person or creature, let them be.

You can argue that you have a right to your own opinion. You have a right to voice how you feel about something. You have a right to chortle from your high horse, spouting elitist nonconformist nonsense as if you’re the star of Say Anything’s Admit It.

There is nothing wrong with liking things. There is nothing wrong with disliking things either, but let’s play by the golden rule and not tear down others for the sake of shining a light on your personal preference.

On that note, go forth, spread positivity and good vibes, like what you like, and keep that unhealthy criticism to yourself.