These Are The Best People In Life


The best people in life… 

Are those that have been hurt the most, in the deepest of ways. The kind of deep that you feel it in your core, in your bones but they don’t flounder.

They give the benefit of the doubt even when they know it may not be a good idea. They do this because they know that mistakes happen. That they have made a mistake and it took someone else to give them a second chance. To remind them that they can try and again, that they are worth it.

These people, they always see the positive. They silver line all situations. The good, the bad and the ugly because they feel that life is meant for the best of energy.

The best people are the ones that have big hearts. Like bigger than they can handle type of hearts. They know that love exceeds hate and they wear those giant hearts right on their sleeves for all the world to see.

They are the fearless. The ones that jump without waiting for 3.

These humans, they make bold moves. The type of boldness that creates change. The change that they welcome with open arms and hearts.

Sometimes, or all the time they care too much because they don’t know how not to. They care because they love.  They care because they want to help.  They care because it’s important for people to feel like they matter.

The best people in life acknowledge their mistakes because they know it is a learning experience. Because they know that they are perfectly imperfect and that that’s perfectly okay.

Are the ones that think anything is possible because they have bigger dreams than the rest of the world can grasp. Dreams that only the few and far between know they will make a reality.

They don’t believe in luck. That there are unlucky and lucky humans out there. Instead, the best people know that hard work is the answer. That we create that energy that others look at as the lucky stars.

The best people will be a friend to a complete stranger. They do this not to make themselves look better but because they want people to feel something. To have someone. To be heard, to be felt.

Intimate with heartbreak because they know that it brings them closer to this deep sort of love with themselves and love with others on new levels.

Aren’t afraid to cry and show emotion.

Thrive off intensity and depth even when it is one of the scariest and more vulnerable places to be.

Take all the chances. They risk it all without fearing failure of any kind because they know that the thing they fear the most is also what they want most in life.

The best people in life show up. The ones that aren’t perfect but they know they aren’t. The ones that aren’t superheroes but are damn close to it. The ones that aren’t scared but they are ready. The ones that aren’t cocky but they are confident. These are the people that are authentically them. The people that don’t fit the mold but don’t give a damn. The people that live every day to be relentlessly who they were born to be. They do the best, therefore they are the best.