There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Ordinary


In the world where you can be anyone or anything, the art of accepting yourself and not trying to become someone you’re not is really difficult nowadays. Everyone wants to be someone. People are trying so hard to be known for their specialty after mastering some skills in life, when the truth is, becoming popular and known by people also comes with a great amount of responsibility. Perhaps you don’t become what you want right now because you still can’t endure the pressure behind that role, or perhaps you are placed in the situation you are in right now because there are still lessons you need to learn before leveling up.

I want to encourage all those people who feel like they are nothing but an ordinary human being and remind them that every one of you matters. Becoming an ordinary person is not degrading to your own value as a person. Nobody said you must be that someone first to have an impact or even change the world. Being ordinary does not make you a loser in life. The people you thought have received many achievements in their life and seem like they’re winning all the time unfortunately don’t always feel like they are. Many are struggling to enjoy their winning season because they are blinded by the idealization toward life. The winning season can be dangerous when you can’t even handle it wisely. Sometimes it is better to lose than to win while losing yourself. Perhaps many things in life do not go the way you expected them to because it can put you in a confusing state about what you want to do in life even more. Perhaps things are turned into what they are right now to make you enjoy every little sparkle life offers you in your so-so season.

After all, when you feel like you are not impacting the world or like you’re just an ordinary person living life, I want you to know that your existence still means something to someone. You don’t have to master any skill to influence people. You can just be yourself – you have an impact on your surroundings by accepting that you can be anyone or anything in the world, but also realize that being ordinary is also an okay option. Because life is not always about how many people have known you, or how many skills you have mastered, or how many achievements you have reached. It’s also how you choose to be there for your people and being a decent human being for them and yourself.