There’s No Time Limit For Moving On


Break-ups are hard. What most people often don’t understand is that just because you were the one to call it quits, doesn’t mean you are hurting any less. Just because you got over him in less than a week doesn’t mean you were not invested in the relationship once upon a time. It doesn’t make your love any less great. Its not a contest that one who initiates the break-up will have an edge over the other.

But what people often fail to realize is that while at other times it might be the last thing you want, sometimes it becomes the only thing you need; the only thing you need to understand your self worth, to be free, to push your limits and just be yourself.

Yes, relationships are supposed to be symbiotic where both help each other grow. But sometimes your emotions get the better of you. The person who might have meant the world to you at one point of time might just become another notch on the wall The u-turn of emotions might not always stem from the fact that you have someone else in your life-but sometimes from the fact that we get tired of feeling the same emotions over a prolonged period of time. While most of the times we might not like change,sometimes change becomes a necessity when you realize your life has fallen into a pattern.

A relationship needs effort to keep it going and no one can expect the other one to singlehandedly drive it. But what happens when the other one still wants to go forward and you want to just stand still and enjoy the view a little while longer? The resonance is gone and it will be selfish on your part to expect the other person also to stand still and enjoy the view with you. You don’t know how long you will be standing there or if you will even be going forward.The view might open up your mind to revisiting certain un-tread paths from the past.

Sometimes, even though you might still resonate, you don’t really want to be tied down. You want to explore what the fuss about being single is all about. You want to lead a carefree life where you don’t have to worry about calling someone to inform you will be coming home late tonight or not coming home at all. Sometimes you get tired of having someone caring for you and you doing the same. Let me tell you-too much of caring is also a thing and I am guilty as charged. So is it really a bad thing if you don’t want to give a fuck for once in your life?

Then there are fools (like me) who decide to remain friends after breaking up in hope that the transition will be smooth. Did those innumerable articles on why it is a bad idea to stay friends with your ex knock not even an iota of sense into that dumb brain of yours? If you are still friends with your ex, moving on will be the most difficult thing. While you might find it easy to move on just because you have been in too much of a rush to experience your carefree existence, the fact that the other person is not, will again cause a guilt trip, which is not going to help anyone.

So delete that number, stop being friends with people you acquired from his friend circle, and block him not only from social media but also your life. You deserve to be happy and if not being in a relationship brings you a little more happiness,then what are you waiting for? Go for it. You can never be too selfish when it comes to choosing your own happiness.Let not anyone tell you otherwise.