There Is A Beautiful Love Out There


A love so beautiful it generates beautiful things. It radiates positivity. It allows you to grow and to be better. It doesn’t suck up all the energy inside you. Instead, it nourishes you. It boosts your life and sustains your soul.

A beautiful love sees beauty in every scar, appreciates the exquisiteness of every crack. It embraces every flaw it sees in you and loves every quirk you possess. It accepts and never judges. It recognizes your imperfections yet loves you despite all flaws, scars, cracks, and bruises. It recognizes the beauty within you, the magnificent creation that you are hidden behind those flaws.

A beautiful love always listens to your every word, always listens with a heart. It listens and not just hears. It listens and understands all you’ve been through, all the pain and tears bottled up inside of you. It never keeps records of wrongs nor keeps track of the number of times you messed up. It acknowledges your weakness yet never use them to belittle you or inflict pain on you. It sees you as a messed up person yet embraces you with so much love.

There is this kind of beauty that true love possesses. A love that is never selfish nor self-seeking. A love that thinks about the welfare of others before its own. It rejoices in your success and weeps during your pain.

True love is a beautiful kind of love. It is the precious kind most of us desire to possess yet fail to get. It is like a precious stone everyone covets and too selfish to share. Little did we know, this kind of love multiplies when shared and dies when kept for oneself. This kind of love flourishes in the hearts of those who truly believe that love existed. This kind of love resides in the heart of those who know how to accept, how to listen with their hearts, who understand and forgive, and those who are so selfless and generous.

A love that is beautiful and true is that kind of love that this world needs – a love that you and I truly desires and can only be attained when we stop thinking about ourselves and start considering the needs and feelings of others.

There is this kind of love which is so beautiful and true. And anyone who has it must share it to make it grow.