The Years Gone By


How after all these years can
a memory still feel like a
knife in the back waiting to
cut off air to a breathing soul.
Been years since I last saw you and
sometimes feels like a phantom pain
in the night while other times feels
just like yesterday when I’d last seen
Your memory of us together
being us young, wild and free
is enough to save a soul that is
Your soul was like an owl
flying and soaring through the skies
and always watching us.
The years gone by and yet you’re still
here around every corner and everything
good is because of you.
The melodies still sing through the air
and sometimes when you listen you can still
hear the last time together.
The ending will always be one of
metaphors, similes, irony and guilt that
ring through the cold November night.
A warrior heart and nothing could have prepared
anyone for the ending of the story.
A one in a million soul that is gone
now but you’re not far from the heart ever.
The years go by but your passing never
leaves anyone that loved you,
what a beautiful soul soaring free now.