The Year Of Unearthing


Oftentimes, the adjustment from always living by scholastic structure to living by choice is strange. It was supposed to be more liberating than this. For all of my life, I envisioned this stage as continuously knowing my next destination. But it feels like I’m in autopilot.

Infrequently, I am not busted in a moment of wanderlust. An escapism of sunnier days. Drunkenly stomping on all forms of plywood with two left feet. The fantasy of blinding smiles and deafening laughter with people who I have not even met. That is what this time is meant to entail.

Oftentimes, I am discovering that I am the odd sock in a set of perfect matches. It is not the best feeling when you are automatically ruled out of conversations based on your own life and your own decision. Albeit, there are worse matters.

Infrequently, time being spent to uncover core interests that I want to pursue and carry over in years to come is not being wasted. Words on words, in whatever way they are portrayed, that is all I yearn to see.

Oftentimes, it is frightening to me to see other peers have their 10-year plans mapped out. Especially given the fact that I would not have a clue on what I am even doing tomorrow. It’s a day-to-day development.

Infrequently, I am not unappreciative of the concept that I have been given the opportunity to earn an income. This way, I can wholeheartedly invest in the gems that I wish to collect.

Oftentimes, you are on a scenic voyage amongst reevaluation. You do throw out anchors of what is integral in your life. The artefacts that voluntary latch itself onto these anchors are those that deserve to be put on display.

Infrequently, I do not consider the notion that I need to meet my own personal needs first. This is the pivotal moment where I progressively transform into an assertive warrior.

Everyone needs their pivotal moment.