The Way To Love Something Is To Realize That It Might Be Lost


Why does letting go always have to be sad? Does it really have to? People don’t always leave for negative reasons. Sometimes, they do it for the good ones.

Change is the only permanent thing in this world and most of the time, it comes with a little bit of “letting go”. Be it letting go of an old dress that doesn’t fit anymore, an old routine you have outgrown, or even a person/people from the past – at one point, you have your share of letting something or someone go because you want change, you need change. But that doesn’t mean they don’t matter to you anymore because no matter where you’re headed, they will always be part of who you are. They will always mean something to you.

I’ve witnessed so many weddings and one of my most favorite parts would be when the father hugs her daughter so tight he doesn’t seem to want to let go but eventually he does. He has to. A father has to let go so her daughter can be happy with the man she loves. That’s a different kind of letting go there right? A father will forever love her daughter but he has to let go, not that he doesn’t want her anymore but that’s what will make her happier.
“Friends forever” doesn’t mean you have to be together every second of everyday. You don’t always have to see each other. No matter how close you get, people leave. So here comes letting go. Yet, you continue to be friends. The updates about each other don’t stop, you still laugh at each other’s jokes and you know that with the kind of friendship you have, letting go is just a phase, it’ll pass. Life goes on and you are still friends (forever).

I’ve come to realize that when you let go, you actually free yourself. From what? Think about it. For sure, you’ll come up with one. When you let go, it’s like unloading excess baggage. You grow as a person and you bloom just like what happens to a flower when she lets go and let the sun shine on her. You’ll feel so much lighter and better. It feels good to just let it go, let it out there. Most importantly, let God. Forgive and forget. Easier said than done? Yes! But would you rather have it the other way around?

I wouldn’t have it the other way around. I’m letting go and I’m letting God. But my love, I’m letting go with a happy heart because my letting go this time is not because there’s nothing left but because so much more lies ahead.

So, let’s not be sad, letting go doesn’t always have to be.

image – Shutterstock