The Way It Should Have Been


i remember how the butterflies would quickly create the feeling of joyfulness in my stomach
i remember the glimmer in your eyes
i remember the touch of our hands together
i remember the idea of forever
needless to say, i remember everything.

but it didn’t stay that way
it didn’t take very long for you to start using your words to make me feel small and inconsequential
beneath it all, i blamed it on your temper
i didn’t realize it was your way to make me feel your anger
eventually, i got tired
your wrath had no way out
it was a curse that would stay with you
until you realized what you had done to me
it was like a snake whispering in your ear
telling you to keep torturing me
that is why i left
it never had to be hell
nor for you or me.

it should’ve been the kind of story that says “love conquers all” at the end
it should’ve been light not darkness
it should’ve been Romeo and Juliet without death and poison
it should’ve been Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy after all the misunderstandings
it should’ve been everything without the pain.