The Universe I Created For Us


He was sitting in the middle of the meadow
the summer smell of the flowers
and the sunlight in the air
and his laugh and breaths sweetened the atmosphere
The hills that stood behind him
and the sun that shone above his head
like the whole sky was his to control
he stood right there holding me in his arms
And I stood there creating another universe
just for us
where just our souls could meet
and our dreams would collide.

I stood there in the middle of the river
the water tingling my toes
and I would try to be more brave than I was before
I met him, through the years of solitude
and the centuries of loneliness,
Both our pasts are in the past now
and nothing is there but us
in our own universe,

I can feel his happiness in my own smile
He can feel my pain through his own tears
Where I begin, he begins,
and where I end, he ends.
We were born in different seasons but
our futures are going to be the same.

Here we both stand, the sun is out
and the nights are as long as we want
We stand on the same cliff and there is a world
beyond the ocean in front of us,
but we are too young to care,
everything we need, everything we have ever needed
is here
with us,
we can live here forever.