The Unedited Truth About What It Means To Be An Outgoing Introvert


Here’s the deal, it’s a constant battle between you and your diversity.

Being an outgoing introvert means that when you get invited to a party, you debate hours on end whether or not you should go, or just watch the fun happen from Snapchat. When you do finally decide to go, you are the life of the party. Everyone, including you, has the time of their lives. The aftermath isn’t so wonderful, however. When all is said and done, you need a few days to mentally recover. You want to spend all day in bed, phone off, binge watching Grey’s Anatomy.

Your alone time is so crucial to your sanity.

Being an outgoing introvert means that you’ll avoid being around groups of people. You will try everything in your power to not get stuck in the midst of others, but once you’re in the moment, you couldn’t possibly be more content. You love to hold a conversation; you interact on so many different interpersonal levels.

Everyone gets along so well with you. Yet, why was it so hard to get to that point?

Being an outgoing introvert means dating gets a little tricky. One second, you want all of his undivided attention—no other girl should even be in his peripherals. But yet the next day, you don’t respond to any of his five text messages, two Snap Chats, or missed call because he’s being “too clingy” for you. Give me some space, dude. However, in all actuality, you’re just giving him whiplash.

Being an outgoing introvert means that “indecisive” is your middle-name. Everyone who knows you, (which, let’s be real, isn’t many) knows that getting you to make a decision is like pulling teeth. You can never make up your mind, no matter what the scale. Would you like nachos or French fries? (honestly both) Do you want to sleep in, or do you want to sunrise hike? Beach vacation or New York trip? DO you want kids? Spending your day off at a coffee shop or beer house?

The questions are endless, yet your answers are nowhere to be found.

Being an outgoing introvert means you are hard to understand.

The cold truth is, you don’t even understand yourself, so how could anyone else? You are usually always stuck between a rock and a hard place. You’re neither here, nor there. You wish with all your might that you could just be introverted or extroverted. This is the ultimate dichotomy. You are the ultimate dichotomy. You will never be easy to understand because in reality, our personalities and feelings change with each passing hour. No two situations will ever be handled the same—and there is nothing wrong with that..

Being an outgoing introvert means you won’t ever fit into a molded stereotype. Sometimes you’re hot and other times you’re cold. The world we live in is an ever-changing thing, and so are you.

Being an outgoing introvert means you need to accept the fact that you’ll never be just one thing, and that is perfectly okay. You are perfectly okay.