The Type Of Someone You Deserve


I hope you know you deserve someone who loves you even when you aren’t so lovable.

Someone who manages to find all of your scattered pieces and slowly mends them back together piece by piece.

Someone who quietly manages to replace most of your painful memories with beautiful ones you thought only existed in fairytales.

Someone who shows you that they truly care for you, not only when it’s convenient for them but also when it’s not.

Someone who knows that relationships are never all sunshine but storms too and is willing to ride through the waves with you. Someone who accepts you for who you are, with all of your insecurities, weaknesses, doubts, and fears and helps you overcome them. Someone who understands you even when you didn’t say a word. Someone who cares about your well being, even when they’re mad at you. I hope you know that you deserve someone who won’t give up on you, who will stick with you even when things get hard because they know that you’re worth it. Someone who is proud of you and believes in you when you doubt yourself. Someone who restores your faith and makes you believe in everything all over again. Someone who sticks around and never plans on walking away. Someone who holds you when you couldn’t fall asleep at night. Someone who is there to kiss your forehead and brew you tea when you’re not feeling like yourself. Someone who’s not only in it for the good times, but who is going to be there for the bad times as well, who will hold you close and never let you go. Someone who will choose you every time without a doubt or hesitation.

I hope you find someone who prays for you before they pray for themselves.

But most of all, I hope you find someone who you have been praying to God for, and when they come along, I hope you know that this is the type of someone you deserve.