The Two Types Of Resumes You Write In Life That Are Equally Important


You write two resumes in life.

The first, you share willingly with the professional world. In fact, you share it with anyone who will read it. You highlight your accomplishments that are in keeping with the norm. You are proud of this resume and you meticulously edit and reshape it, making it ready for viewing at all times.

Your course in life is largely charted by what you want your professional resume to say. This document reflects the side of you that exists in the daylight of society. It is public and on the open market.

The second resume, you write in private. This one highlights accomplishments too – just of a different sort. Well, some items listed here are accomplishments. Others might just be experiences or even regrets depending on the day or mood. The experience headline of this resume might read – ‘life experience.’

Both resumes are necessary in order to live. Both are true. Both are extensions of you. Both define you and yet both are what you strive to define yourself as.

I sat down once and wrote a list of the happiest moments of my life. This list includes experiences I shared with others, items that are on my professional resume, and times that I only think of when I am alone. Life is a balance of the two resumes. Living, really living, requires both, not just one. If you rely too heavily on just one, you will find yourself lacking when it is all said and done.

There isn’t a need to share the second resume with anyone. You can, and maybe you do share bits of it with some people, but you do not have to. It is yours and yours alone. You do not owe it to the world to share it with anyone. When you do decide to share, it often signifies an important moment. Take note of those moments, for those are the type of moments that your second resume is made up of. The important thing is that you have this second resume, not that you share it.

The second resume rounds you out, teaches you about growing up, and largely shapes who you will be. Remember the professional resume though. Remember your responsibilities, promises, and societal dreams. They are just as important as anything else. Life, like all things that go into, is a balancing act. You need to make mistakes, experience growing pains, embarrass yourself, and be wild and outlandish from time to time. Live life.

Use your professional resume to keep you on track and provide a foundation. Use the second to learn about your inner self and find your place in the world.

Also, the good thing about your second resume is that you don’t have to worry about layout or formatting.