The Two Kinds Of Life We All Live For


We’ve read too many things telling us how to live our lives, who to listen to, and what matters most. It doesn’t take an epiphany, or a couple of decades (though that may help) to realize the things that have dawned on everyone who has come and gone actually make sense.

There are two kinds of life.

The first kind is our daily life. We wake up, bathe, make our coffee, eat breakfast, drive, roll down the window, light that first cigarette, and head on to face the inevitable of everyday: the art of constant irregularities we all seem to have mastered. That car you cut off yesterday is probably not the same car you just cut off a while ago. Constantly, cutting people off may be your thing, but who you affect around you will not seem to ever be the same unit. This rolls on to your office, your clients, your break times, and everything else.

The people in your life, the things you love doing, your dog, your favorite pen and planner, and everything else are all a part of your first kind of life. Your dreams, your aspirations, your obligations as a sister, a daughter, a mother, a partner, a wife… They’re all in this side of that undefined venn diagram.

Who you are and were are all within this border.

The second kind of life is the life we didn’t consciously know existed. It’s the life that takes over us when we first experience the adrenaline rush of surfing, the unexplainable joy of driving 180 kilometers per hour, the pride that seeps in when we win, the exhilarating fulfillment of accomplishment, the inextinguishable fire of the first kiss. This kind of life is like the previous one on steroids. In this life, we’re indispensable, invincible, everlasting and ablaze. This is the life everyone wants to chase, get hooked on, and be lulled in.

After all, living is incomplete without both lives.

This second kind of life however, is the same kind of life that we lose in despair when we’re lost, left, and unsure. Unfortunately so, the source of the moments for the second kind of life is as rare as it being genuine. There are no halves, no sort-ofs, no maybes. It’s either perfect or unreal.

“You should see how she is… It’s as if life has been suck out of her.”

After all, living is incomplete without both lives.

This is the reason why everyone says the same thing when we lose something vital for our souls…

The loss of the second kind is the reason why we all will never be the same again.