The Truth Is That I Stopped Loving You


I remember the day when strangeness filled the room and I realized I woke up next to a person I barely knew. It was you.

You want the truth?

I got tired of you. I got tired of us.

I knew then that waking up next to you became a usual, ordinary task. Texting you became a routine. Our I love yous became a part of my to-do list.

The things I was obsessed with about you are the same exact things I now want to get rid of.

I knew I was only holding onto you because I already did for so long. But you and I were not on the same page anymore.

I used to support you and you used to do the same. Over time we created new experiences with our peers and our loved ones, but we did it separately. We grew apart, but not together.

I knew that it haunted me to go home. I hated when I pulled into the driveway only to see you waiting. I hated talking about our mutual interests I got tired of hearing over the usual coffee I got tired of drinking.

I hated when you were there every time I wanted to be left alone.

I hated the standardness, the repetition of it all. I realized I didn’t want to share the next years of my life with you anymore. I knew that with you I was no longer home.

See, the thing is, we both felt the same way. We longed for the love we once made each other feel. We missed the connection we once had. The fault lies in the fact that we both did nothing about it.

But allow me to say that I loved you for so long, long enough to wish I could just make everything a history. It all came gradually.

So gradual that it took me a while to finally accept that our love has now turned into repugnance.