The Truth Is, I Miss You A Lot


It’s been a while since I’ve reached out to you, maybe because I don’t really have the right words to say when you’re around – even as a friend.

The truth is, I miss you a lot. I miss the way you talk, the way you sing along to Ed Sheeran and most especially, I miss the way you made me feel complete. I’ve never met someone who made me feel that I am ready to take on the next challenge of life.

You were there for me, always at the right time and at right place. You never failed to make me laugh every time the going gets tough or every time I failed an exam back in school. You were always there to listen and you always knew the right things to say.

Now that you are in the arms of someone else, I am left looking back wishing I had done more. I wish I didn’t chickened-out and I should’ve just told you how I felt in the first place. I had nothing left to lose.

I got scared and that’s what breaks my heart. There are times that I think about what we could’ve become and honestly, I still cry about it. God knows what I would’ve done to be given another chance and to turn things around, but we both know that it’s not possible.

I wish circumstances would have been different, but the reality is I was too late. There’s a chance that you might read this and I know how happy you are with everything that’s going on in your life now and with that, I am already contented.

I just want you know that you will always be the one that got away and you will always be my first love.