The Truth About Meeting The Right Person At The Wrong Time And Having Faith That It Can Work


I think we all know what it’s like to be putting together a puzzle when you just swear that this one specific piece goes in this one specific place.

You are just convinced.

It has to be.

It just simply does belong in that spot in that way.

But you push the piece the best you can until the corner begins to bend, and before you break it, you stop. You take that piece and put it aside, saying “I’ll come back to this one later.”

So that piece sits off to the side – looming – a sore spot in your peripheral vision, something you’ll have to come back to.

You move on.

You a few other pieces together, trying to fill up the surrounding areas… that will surely help.

As the other pieces come together, you feel relieved. Even without that piece in place, you can still move forward, making progress.

There is no specific order that puzzle pieces must go in. They will all come together eventually, regardless of how many times you second guess, start over, feel like giving up. So long as you keep going, all the pieces will eventually fit.

So, after you get a few more pieces, you come back to that piece you set aside. It just goes there, you have no doubt.

The question is – how?

You pick it up and mindlessly spin it around, and suddenly, it clicks in your head.

You turn it to the left, and that’s it. It falls perfectly into place, no bent corners, no struggle, just perfectly fitting together with the surrounding pieces. Just as you knew it would.

And now, you can move on, putting the rest of the puzzle together, knowing that one specific piece is now set, nowhere else to go, exactly where you knew it would eventually be. You knew that it belonged right there.

And though perhaps this over simplifies things, this could be a simple metaphor for some things in life.

In the puzzle of life, sometimes you meet someone that you know you want to be around forever. And sometimes, life just doesn’t work out how you want it right then.

Maybe at that time, the piece is just turned ninety degrees to the right. So when you take time for yourself – put some other pieces together – becoming stronger, more confident, and more fulfilled – eventually the pieces will find a way to fall where they should.

And when you have that feeling, when you just know that one specific piece belongs in that spot, don’t give up on it. Take that time to put some other pieces together, and just know that if it’s meant to be, it will be.

So don’t bend the edges. Don’t be that person who tries to cut the puzzle piece with a scissor so that it fits… because in the long run… now you’re missing a piece somewhere else. Don’t try to force a piece into place when it just isn’t ready.

Give it time, spin it around, and when it’s meant to fall into place, it will. And then together, you can continue to put together the puzzle pieces of life.