The Truth About Girls In Happy Relationships


Girls in happy relationships are not happy all the time. There are arguments. There are misunderstandings. There are times when the love feels stale.

But you won’t see these girls complaining on social media because they understand relationships are not one big high. There are dips. There are bad days. There are moments when they want to be left alone with their anger.

However, even on their roughest days, these girls are hesitant to complain because they knew what they were signing up for when they entered a relationship. They did not have unrealistic expectations. They knew happiness would require work. They understood communication, collaboration, and compromising were part of the deal.

Instead of complaining about their relationship to anyone who will listen, these girls choose to take action. They choose to fix whatever feels broken. They choose to talk to their partner about how they are feeling instead of talking to friends and family who cannot solve the problem for them.

Girls in happy relationships avoid complaining about their person because it would not feel right. That person is their best friend. That person has done so much for them. Yes, there are traits that get on their nerves sometimes, but in the grand scheme of things, those things are not that big of a deal. They are not dealbreakers. They are not worthy of too much attention.

Girls in happy relationships place an emphasis on the little things. They are not going to get upset about lounging around the house for a weekend or having a low-key dinner together instead of wasting hundreds of dollars at a bar or broadway show. They are going to enjoy their quality time together. Instead of finding a reason to ruin their laidback nights, they are going to find reasons to cherish those nights — even if all they are doing is walking through grocery aisles or watching reruns of their favorite shows.

Girls in happy relationships are only human, which means they are going to vent to their closest friends every once in a while. They are going to go on rants to their mothers every once in a while. But those spurts of anger will not be an everyday occurrence. It will not become a toxic norm. Most of the time, these girls will speak positively about their person. They will gush about how happy they are to be dating. They will be appreciative of their person, not annoyed by them.

Girls in happy relationships are not lying when they post sappy statuses online or say things are going perfectly. They are only choosing to focus on the good things. They are choosing to pay more attention to the fun times they have had together than the bad times. They are choosing to value their relationship because they understand how rare it is to find someone so kind and compassionate — and cute.

These girls know they are in a good relationship, a healthy relationship, their final relationship, so they do not want to take a moment for granted.