The Top 3 Amazon Steals For The College Girl


Before relocating to the very small and somewhat isolated town of Upland, Indiana for school, I will admit that I’m not the most frugal of individuals, especially while employed. It wasn’t until I’d stopped working in preparation of going away to school that I began to realize that in the few years I’d had jobs, I often took my paychecks for granted.

Living on my own without a personal income at the moment has been difficult, yet as a result I have grown to love the genius invention otherwise known as online shopping, particularly Amazon. While I’m certainly aware that this can be a slippery slope in terms of saving money and the fact that I don’t necessarily need everything on this list, I’ve come to find that it can sometimes be quite useful and practical when utilized with vigilance. I’ve been able to find some great steals on items that aren’t even available in stores around here, sometimes from stores that don’t even exist in the state of Indiana.

And so I’ve decided to compile a list of the best Amazon steals I’ve found to date for your convenience! I hope you all enjoy.

1. G by Guess Skinny Jeans.

At $29.00, these might not seem like the steal you’re hoping for at first glance. Before you completely rule them out, however, I would like to say that $29 for Guess jeans is an incredible deal, considering their wonderful fit and the fact that they usually go for at least $60. Before finding Guess skinnies, I’d dismissed all of them as unnecessarily tight and ill-fitting, since all of the cheaper pairs I’d tried before had been just that. (Keep in mind that I’m no skinny minny, I usually wear a size 12. Make no mistake about it, though: I love these pants, and they come in a wide variety of sizes.) Skinny jeans are great for wearing with boots, and offer a good change of pace from your everyday bootcut. While spending a bit more than just $15 or $20 on your jeans may not seem appealing at the time, particularly on the constricting budget of the typical college student, it often makes worlds of difference when it comes to fit and longevity.

2. Pocket Cardigan Jersey Shrug.

At least one basic cardigan is a must. It allows you to make innumerable outfits by just wearing it over different shirts. This one in particular comes in a rainbow of colors and ranges in price from just $12 to $20. Since it’s a shrug as opposed to a button up, it offers just the right amount of warmth and coziness without being too heavy to wear indoors, which helps when you’re a student trying to combat hellish winters like yours truly.

3. Ballet Flats: Leopard and Solids.

At just $11-$12, these comfortable basic flats can complete almost any outfit. They’re so versatile: hey can be worn with a dressy outfit or a very casual one. They come complete with a cute yet not over-the-top bow accent, and they’re available in a wide variety of colors and even a few different prints.

For more recommendations on essential college fashion, you should all visit It’s one of my favorite blogs that provides countless and affordable outfit suggestions, information on current trends and how to wear them.