The Top 10 Reasons You Don’t Have Many Twitter Followers


Twitter is all about how many followers you have. It’s important that more than just two people know that you just ordered a large Papa John’s pizza all for yourself, so here’s why your mom and your high-school biology teacher are the only two followers you have.

1. You have that ugly egg as your profile picture.

Don’t be an egghead! Post a selfie or any picture of yourself that you like as your profile picture. Most people don’t want to follow people with no profile picture because it looks like a SPAM account.

2. Your profile picture is a photo of your cat.

Twitter is about developing relationships and interacting with people, not cats. I’m sure your cat Lord Tubbington is really influential in your life, but he isn’t in mine. Do us all a favor and make your profile picture a picture of you.

3. You have no bio.

160 characters isn’t a lot of space to tell your life story, but at least put something. How do I know I want to follow you if I don’t know anything about you?

4. You don’t tweet enough.

Like I said, Twitter is about interaction. If you don’t tweet, then what’s the point of following you? All that does is mess with my follow-to-follower ratio. Followers should interact with each other, which requires tweeting.

5. You tweet too much.

No one worth following will be tweeting one tweet a minute 24 hours a day. Your tweets are probably insignificant and meaningless, because what could you possibly have to tweet about that’s interesting if all you do is tweet?

6. You have way more followers than you are following.

I follow you because I want you to follow me back. Don’t be stingy.

7. You don’t interact.

This goes along nicely with not tweeting enough. If all you do is tweet and never respond to others’ tweets or have any mentions of usernames, retweets, or replies, then I’ll move on to the next one!

8. Your Twitter is private.

Twitter is basically useless if no one can retweet you. What are you tweeting—nuclear codes? Make your twitter public so people actually WANT to follow you.

9. You use TrueTwit Validation.

Nothing is more annoying than following someone and getting a DM that you use TrueTwit Validation and that I have to waste my time clicking through a site to type in a captcha to prove I’m human.

10. You send auto DMs.

I followed you on Twitter and now you are asking me to “Like” your Facebook page? Unfollow.