The Spoken Word Poem You Need To Hear Right Now Based On Your Zodiac Sign



Aries’ are always looking for challenges to put themselves to, and as a result, also love to be surrounded by others who can provide a stimulating environment for them. They are driven less by head and heart, and more by pure instinct, preferring to act first, and think and feel later.

Poet/Poem: Jahman Hill– Alternative Facts for Black History Month


Taurus’ are very grounded and tend to think more with their heads than their heart, which gives them a more realistic perspective. They are very tactile and sensitive, and thrive on physical touch as their love language.

Poet/Poem: Melissa Lozada-Oliva– My Spanish BONUS: Like Totally Whatever


Overview: Gemini are two sides of the same coin— their fascination with life means they are carefree, ready to socialize with anybody and have fun. However, this also means their curiosities can make them restless, thoughtful, and serious. Because of this, they are always seeking change in all forms.

Poet/Poem: Sabrina Benaim– The Loneliest Sweet Potato


Overview: Cancers are sensitive and tend to attach tightly to those they keep close to them. It’s very easy for them to empathize with other people’s pain and suffering and they are often guided in their decision making by their hearts, rather than their heads.

Poet/Poem: Rudy Francisco– The Heart and The Fist BONUS: Your God


Natural leaders, Leos can unite different groups of people and bring them together as one. With their confidence and creativity, they can achieve anything they put their mind to. They are self-aware, and nowhere near shy when it comes to expressing their feelings and making their opinions known.

Poet/Poem: Angelica Maria– The Star Spanglish Banner


Virgos thrive on organization and practicality, which makes it easy for them to get stuck on little details and become critical. They have incredibly tender hearts, though they often tend to keep them closed off to the world as a way to stay protected against the unknown.

Poet/Poem: Blythe Baird– The Kindest Thing She Almost Did


Libra’s hate being alone, but love balance and symmetry in all its forms. They tend to chance equality and justice, yearning for peace for not only themselves, but for others as well. Although, when faced with conflict or confrontation, a Libra will do most anything to avoid it, preferring to keep the peace wherever possible.

Poet/Poem: Julissa Emile– Tropical Depression


This water sign is passionate, determined, and decisive. They make great leaders, always searching for the truth and finding different ways to make the most of their resources. Leaning more toward a default state of being calm, cool, and collected, Scorpios are dedicated and loyal.

Poet/Poem: Sarah Kay– The Type


Sagittarius are impatient, enthusiastic people. They can easily transform their thoughts into actions, which makes it much easier for them to achieve their goals. Their open, philosophical mind drives them to wander, searching for experiences to quell their intensely curious minds.

Poet/Poem: Jamie Mortara– Some Things You Need to Know Before Dating Me


A Capricorn’s grounded, practical personality also means that they have mastered the art of self-control and are self-aware enough to acknowledge their mistakes and learn from them quickly. Because of this driven nature, they are also mistaken for being cold and uncompromising, but once a Capricorn opens up to you, you will have their devotion for life.

Poet/Poem: Olivia Gatwood– Alternate Universe in Which I Am Unfazed by the Men Who Do Not Love Me BONUS: Ode to the Women on Long Island


Those born under the Aquarius sign can easily adapt to the energy around them—they can read others’ moods and respond accordingly in whatever way necessary. Their lack of prejudice makes it easy for them to help others and solve problems, which aides in the mental stimulation they crave. However, this empathy can also be exhausting for them, and they sometimes will need time to be alone to recharge.

Poet/Poem: Neil Hilborn– Joey


Pisces is one of, if not the most, artistic sign of them all— intuitive, selfless and compassionate, Pisces are largely empathetic and tend to express those emotions through art. They are rarely judgmental, highly caring, and always forgiving. This water sign is always willing to help others without expecting anything in return, which makes them an incredible and valuable friend.

Poet/Poem: Sierra DeMulder– Today Means Amen BONUS: Paper Dolls