The Secret To A Healthy Heart Lies In A Healthy Marriage


The secret to living a healthy, rewarding, and longer life lies in the sacred bond of marriage. This is a major revelation made by psychologists. Apparently, marital quality plays a major role in promoting excellent heart health for both spouses. Studies have been conducted on married fathers in the U.K., and the results indicated that the fathers who are happily married experienced improved cardiovascular health, cholesterol, and body mass index (BMI).

Marital quality, defined as spouses’ subjective appraisals of their marital relationship, is regarded as more important than marital status in terms of health. A spouse acts like your support system during times of happiness and distress. A loving and understanding companion has many profound effects that activate dopamine, the happy hormone.

Previous studies have brought to light how married men tend to live longer compared to unmarried men. In other words, intimate relationships promote enriched mental and physical health, which plays a full-fledged role towards a healthier life. When your partner motivates you to lose weight and maintain a healthy diet, there is a high chance that you will experience increased alacrity to do whatever it takes to please them.

Having someone by your side when you are trying to lose weight and lead an active lifestyle makes the whole journey enjoyable! In addition, loneliness can lead to dysregulated mood swings and induce severe mental health defects. It has been observed that people who are single often face difficulty leading a healthy lifestyle and are more susceptible to mental health issues.

If you struggle to take prescribed medications regularly, then your partner may be the one who will constantly nag you to take your medicine on time. This nagging by your partner will influence changes in your lifestyle and inspire you to stay healthy. Sometimes, we may become a bit lethargic or so consumed by daily stressors that we forget to take certain medications and focus on our overall health and wellness.

Even having a bleak outlook in life can lead to detrimental consequences. Married couples who are currently in a positive relationship will motivate each other to focus on the brighter aspects of life, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and other health-related abnormalities.

On the other hand, people who are in an unhappy marriage are more in danger of experiencing debilitating health conditions due to inundated levels of stress, along with a mentally exhausting environment. For two people to remain physically and mentally healthy, it is of paramount importance that both spouses are willing to provide space and comfort to each other during times of adversity.

As mentioned by sociologists, Hui Liu and Linda Waite, “Spouses in good health may have more energy to provide both emotional and economic support to each other and to carry out their respective roles.”