The Satisfaction That Comes With Living In The Moment


Every once in a while, it happens again. You stop in your tracks, turn off every stray thought, take a three sixty degree look around you and be completely present for a few moments, because just this once, now is exactly where you want to be. I don’t know what combination of things need to click into place for beauty to become a noun, but they do, and suddenly, happiness doesn’t seem as fleeting anymore.

You’re standing at the top of the stairs. The sky is on your side, colors are screaming through the air and music is filling into all your empty spaces. This feeling is not even a word yet so, is it really there? You want to stick your tongue out and taste it, you want to unfurl your fingers and touch it, you want to undo your arms and hold onto it as tight as you possibly can because nothing feels as beautiful as a feeling you can’t even describe.

It fills you up. It keeps you standing, and smiling to the tips of your eyes and the edges of your chest, and the last thing you want is to let this pass you by without knowing with complete certainty that you cherished it, and let it blossom into its fullest form inside of you.

It lets you go. It dissects every heavy string crippling your wings and lets you taste the clouds for a while. Nothing exists except that moment, those people, each strand of sunshine hanging onto your skin, each teasing breath of wind, every voice, every beat, every boomerang smile. You want to dip into this. Let it kiss every stitch and inch of you until you are soaked in its certainty, and it is bound to leave a stain.

There is something to be said about days like this. When those moments make you feel so…possible. Like you don’t have to shrink into the expectations you’ve come to build for your own life. Like you can burst out of them and send the sun searching for his beams. It’s just a few moments, but each of them have this identity, this pulse, that can make you feel more alive than you have been in months.

There’s something to be said about how you can fall in love with a snapshot of right now; with everything that touches your five senses, how you don’t question their imperfections, but fall in love with their flaws. There’s something to be said about a day that can put hope back on your map until you learn that you are here. And it’s exactly where you want to be.

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