The Real Reason Why Everyone Should Find Time To Travel The World


This is what we came for.

To watch a setting sun traipse west over the Adriatic, perched atop a mountain pregnant with monasteries, falling silent in awe of the world.

This is why we’re here.

To dine on fish so fresh they’re gutted before our eyes as waves lap peacefully over our toes. That’s what I call waterfront dining – food for the soul.

We came to feel alive; to stumble upon sweet serendipity in whitewashed Greek villages.

For strangers to become soul mates in ancient Ottoman cities.

For our hearts to break from stories told by tiny new friends in war-torn refugee camps.

To live in an omnipresence of freedom void of the consumerism prison, where class, ethnicity and race are but fear-mongering social constructs that fester in a mad world where people forget that blood is blood.

That skin is skin.

That we are all born with hearts that yearn to be loved, souls that crave to connect, brilliant minds that hold the cure to cancer, the end of poverty and world peace, and no one cares what color your skin is, or which god you worship, or which country you had the fortune or misfortune to be born in. That borders are just a figment of our imagination and that the world of good is in all of us.

This is what we live for.

For simplicity to redefine us; for a sunset on the other side of the world to purge the toxicity of florescent office lighting from our diamond souls.

For foreign waves to wash the daily grind off our tired limbs.

For the indulgence of new experiences, awakening and a fierce presence to remind us what is real – and, what is not.

This is why we travel.

We travel to awaken.

We travel to love.

We travel for mankind.