The Problem With Being Single In A Coupled Culture


Weddings. Babies. Repeat.

This is what fills my newsfeed nowadays. The over-excessive amount of friends I know that are getting married and having babies can be overwhelming for those that are single.

Being part of those that are “single,” I sometimes find myself pressured to conform to the overarching theme of wedding bells, vows and baby showers. Being “single,” it seems I am already far behind in life. The problem is: I shouldn’t be feeling this way. I’m 21 and blessed with an education, great friends and a promising future. I should  be well ahead in life, right?

Unfortunately, that is not the case. I am not saying that weddings and babies are a bad thing at this day and age. It certainly is not. It is something definitely worth being happy about and congratulatory for. However it still comes back to the fact of – are we ready for what a marriage or a baby has in store?

At 21, are we truly ready to step into union with someone?  Are we prepared for the responsibility of another human being? Another life? A life we created?

From those around me, I believe some are and some are not. Nevertheless, society doesn’t give us the time to evaluate this rising phenomena. Instead, society makes it seem that we should already be ready to take marriage or a baby head on.

At times, I feel lucky that I’m not on that boat. It’s not that I’m not happy that my friends are preparing for what may be the best days of their lives. Rather, at times, I feel lucky to not have to be prepared for that day. Yet, there are times that I do feel lonely, out-of-place and left out of the celebrations and excitement of wedding planning and motherhood. There are moments where I feel the want to lean on someone and have someone to hold in times of trouble.

I’m single and that’s not right.

Whatever society defines as right or wrong, being single is not wrong. That should never be the case. It doesn’t mean you’re picky or your standards are too high. It just means that you have not found the right one yet.

The right one will come. Whether you meet this person today, tomorrow or way into the future — that person is out there. And when you find this person, it will be worth the wait.

featured image – Merra Marie