The Poison In Perfection


You’ve joined your local fitness centre, it’s an intimidating place for an out of shape boy. You just want to lose weight, get that flat tummy and most of all, feel good about yourself. You timidly set foot on the treadmill in your old nike jogging bottoms with the strongest of will and determination. The culmination of years of social reclusion have led to this moment, you don’t want to be that kid anymore, the kid with the bad posture, the kid that never speaks. You just want to be noticed, even so much as a pretty girl to recognise you. Motivation in mind, you run. You run day in, day out. Beads of sweat soon become pride of place on your brow. It begins…

Months pass and you’ve become a regular, flat stomach attained but you’re so in love with whats happened you’ve had little time to reflect. What you’re most astounded with is the girls, they’ve started to notice, some even smile at you, and yet it sadly fills you with the utmost joy. Even the idea of a kiss on the cheek makes you feel like a loser for dreaming it up. You feel better than ever before, you’ve started to turn your life around for the seemingly better.

A year passes and you’re barely recognisable, to others at least. At the end of your bed, an almost gargantuan figure stood before the mirror, with hawk like vision scrutinising every vein and striation. Possessing an Adonis-like physique that any other person would be more than proud of. And then there’s you, unsatisfied. Somewhere along the way you lost sight of why you started this journey. The girls, long forgotten. Just like the brunette curled up in your bed who’s name you can’t remember, one of many. You’re not happy, unaware you’re spending each day ironing out everything you see to fit your insatiable standards.You’ve forgotten where you came from. No longer unconfident or reclusive, but you also see no merit in all that you have accomplished. Blinded by intricacies, unhappy and in an endless pursuit with your own ideals, you have found the poison in perfection.

With the restless nature of society it makes it difficult to be proud, or even content with ourselves for long. I feel that should you ever desire more, ensure you enjoy the process. I feel that this is the real goal, and one that is hugely overlooked. It’s not the outcome of your labours, but it is the enjoyment of the journey what matters most.