The Places That Remind Me Of You


I relapsed the other day. I had time to kill and a wandering mind. Two things that can be very lethal when put together. I was stuck in a certain city, with just myself and my car, and began thinking about all the places that have made me feel the most alive in that particular city. I forgot about any destination that I needed to be at and decided to let my mind take control of the steering wheel, taking me to so many places that brought me back to so many amazing memories. Until I realized that so many places in that city reminded me of you.

I became curious because it had been so long since I had seen so many of those places that helped to create what we had. I let go of that nagging voice inside my head telling me I shouldn’t do this and kept driving. I drove past the place where we first met and the place where we shared our first kiss. That one place we snuck into to have time alone together for the first time and the place where we had our first date.

I saw the place where we were first intimate and the other place we were at when I first realized you were something special to me. I drove past that stupid street that always reminds me of you, the place where we had our first fight, and finally the last place we saw each other. This was the place we said goodbye at.

It all seemed like a big dream, like the memories were something my mind had made up. It was strange seeing these places now. That no matter how much time has passed, or how far away you are, or how much my life has changed since then, these places are still there and haven’t changed one bit. It felt so weird being in the presence of these places and not being there because of you. Sometimes I envy you because you got to leave it all behind.

You don’t have to haphazardly end up at any of these places anymore that could possibly trigger a memory of me. We never created any memories wherever you are at now. Meanwhile, I’m stuck still in close distance to all these places that will continue to remind me of our time together each and every time I accidentally run into them again.