The Only Thing I Need In This Life Is For You To Believe In Me


“You know, you’re lucky we get along so well.”

From the beginning of time, the human race has striven to figure out what makes two individuals compatible. We’ve asked the stars, consulted the palms of our hands, and have even resorted to asking computer data bases for a little help.

Compatibility. I thought I found that in you. You and I fit together like missing puzzle pieces. As cliché as it sounds, we compliment each other in a way that is so organic that it transcends the explainable. You get me, and I get you. It’s that simple.

When we’re together, everything falls into place. Although most of our time is spent trying to shed some humor on the monotony of our everyday lives, we sometimes venture into deeper topics: how love works, why it doesn’t, and who we’re meant to share it with. Our biggest fears, where they came from, and if they’ll ever go away. It is in these moments that I feel most connected with you, as I peel back your layers and inch my way closer to reaching the very essence of you.

I thought I would like what I’d eventually find.

I have always been excited to unearth the differences between myself and others. They are opportunities to grow together, to expand and to alter views and opinions, and to gain insight on certain things from new perspectives. Differences have never hindered my attempt to build upon initial connections.

When it comes to our hopes and dreams, you and I differ greatly. Yours are rooted in practicality, while mine are summoned by passion and the willingness to take risks. As a dreamer, I admired your realism and chose to embrace it. But soon it became evident that the biggest difference between us is that I respect and believe in your dreams, and you don’t do the same for mine. You talk about what I love with an air of superiority, belittling it to be something unstimulating and simple.

Discovering that our seemingly profound connection was missing one of the most essential components needed to be truly happy with someone broke my heart in a way that it has never been broken before. It disrespected the very core of my being. It insulted the person I have worked so hard to become.

Not believing in the very matter that I am made of? Not supporting what it is that makes my heart sing, and makes every single day worthwhile? That is where I have to draw the line.

It was always easy with you. It was always light. Natural. After all of the unintentional detours, I thought my heart had made its way to its final destination. But it was in those few moments of hardship, of tension, and of friction that my eyes were truly opened to what it would be like if I were to be with you. I would neglect my dreams to become something you approved of in order for things to go back to the way it had always been between us: Easy. Light. Natural.

And yet, I am eternally grateful for you. You showed me that there are some differences between two people that are simply non-negotiable. Compatibility goes far beyond the ability to make each other laugh and “get along well.” It is rooted in a respect for and belief of the innate brilliance that is housed in each and every one of us.

Because in times when the world pushes us with so much resistance that our dreams seem wholly out of reach, we are going to need someone who will help us fight back with every ounce of strength that they’ve got. It won’t matter to them that it’s not easy, or light, or natural. Because finally, it’s right.