The Most Powerful Love You’ll Ever Experience Will Be The Love You Have For Yourself


I love you. Perhaps this is not something that needs to be said by others, but by you, to yourself.

We all deserve to be loved. By ourselves, more than anyone. No matter what, unconditionally.

We are all growing creatures. We are all learning, discovering, watching our lives unfold together. We are all healing, from one event or another, we are all constantly becoming and unbecoming, a never-ending process, a beautifully sequenced journey.

We are all raw, all perfectly imperfect. We all make mistakes, we all have fears, doubts, regrets. We all feel alone at times, pain at times.

And what we forget is that it’s ok to not be ok.

We’re harder on ourselves almost always more than anyone else is. And this can be healthy, even constructive to a degree, but when we check our self-love at the door critiques turn into criticism, love into hate.

It’s ok to not know, to not have, to not need the answers to everything. It’s ok to feel, to bleed, to experience the vast array of human emotions in every fiery color, on every wide spectrum.

It’s ok to live and love and be unapologetically yourself. It’s ok to care for yourself, to love yourself, to put your needs first and another’s second. It’s ok to be selfish, in this respect.

Despite the unconditional love, care and support we can receive from those who cross our path, who enter our journeys, no love is more vital, poignant or necessary than the love you create for yourself. No love is more life-changing than the love you hold for yourself. No love is stronger, more powerful or forceful than the love you feel for yourself.

It’s only when you love yourself, as you are, and for everything that you can be, truly, and without restraint, that you can appreciate your beauty, marvel in your wonder, and bask in your blessings. It’s only when you love yourself, that you can love your life, that you can love its people, and it, and they, can love you right back.

It’s only when you love yourself you can see, and know, what you deserve, and refuse to settle for anything less.

You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be free. You deserve to be loved. By you, yourself, more than anyone.