The Moment You Decide To Pursue Your Passion, Doors Will Open


When you dare to peel back your own layers and pursue the unblinking desires of your soul, something magical happens: A seal is broken on the doors that had been latched shut and new paths emerge, almost as if Moses himself is parting the sea for you. Likewise, when you disregard these burning passions, you may find yourself trapped in a labyrinth of never-ending ruts. It’s easy to get sidetracked by the voices of our elders, society, and anyone else who feels they have a worthy opinion, but sometimes a simple change in perspective can help us reassess what we were put on this planet to do and why.

I believe with every molecule in my body that we are all meant to live a life of unbridled contentment. I also believe that we can only do this if we filter out the useless chatter in our minds and really listen to what our hearts are telling us. By moving so fast in our everyday lives, we unwittingly block the channel used to communicate these messages. As a friend of mine recently taught me after one of her all-powerful healing sessions, the best way to unblock this channel is through meditation.

Meditation is not a new phenomenon, and many studies support its ability to manage stress, reduce negative emotions, boost immunity, become more present, and increase self-awareness. I had already been practicing the ritual every morning with guided recordings, but it wasn’t until my friend suggested practicing in silence that I found the sort of clarity I assumed was only possible after attending one of those week-long vipassana retreats. Instrumental music can be effective too, as long as there are no external voices interfering with the natural stream of thoughts. The point of this type of meditation is to remain unguarded without trying to force a particular result. After following all this, I was able to delve much deeper than I ever anticipated. I was able to minimize all distractions and focus on one gut instinct, one calling, one truth.

Since the start of the pandemic, people have been feeling lost. The great thing about feeling lost is being able to reset and then find yourself again. Perhaps meditation is the way we’ll unmask our true selves. Perhaps it will help us navigate life and find the courage to embark on a new journey, one that better aligns with who we are.

The moment we align with our purpose, the universe has no choice but to gift us confidence, opportunity, and flow.

Have you ever noticed the succession of door slams that occurred when you were chasing after something that you knew deep down was wrong for you? Then miraculously you might have changed course and the doors flung open like they were welcoming you as a long-awaited guest? These aren’t accidents. Pay attention to these signs.

If you’re on the right path, it can almost feel like someone coated you in butter and you’re gliding through life. Opportunities find you without you having to hunt for them. Decisions become easy and you twinkle from the afterglow that often comes from obeying the commands of our hearts. There will still be challenges, but they will be manageable. You won’t find yourself stuck in a crossfire of impossible hurdles like you would if you were headed on a road to nowhere.

We need to dismantle these beliefs that state that all we desire is beyond our reach. We’re never as far away as we think. We merely take detours.

All we really need to do is learn to trust that innate wisdom. We need to trust it when it shouts at our incapacity to recognize a wrong turn. We need to trust it when it pushes us to leave the cozy corners of familiarity and take that leap of faith. Otherwise, we risk plastering the doors of destiny shut and never knowing the real reason behind our existence.