The Left Has No Good Arguments But They Have A Lot Of Feelings And Violence


Milo Yiannopoulos has been all the rage lately. Democrats and Republicans have hopped into the sack together along with the Social Justice far left and even a sizeable contingent of the identity politicking alt-right, united in their desire to burn him at the stake. The hubbub that’s had him trending for the past few days, that’s caused him to lose his job and book deal and the keynote spot at CPAC, centers around the willful misrepresentation of what he said during a seventeen-month-old podcast interview, and the black comedy that’s become his trademark. Full stop.

While seeing factions that (sometimes begrudgingly) backed Milo turn on him over a non-issue is frustrating, it’s not nearly as aggravating as the false piety of the left that has never been more clear than it is today. Isn’t Lena Dunham an admitted child molester? Didn’t leftwing darling George Takei make comments substantively identical to Milo’s on the Howard Stern Show? Shouldn’t HBO be pulling Dunham’s show off the air right about, oh I don’t know two and a half years ago when she admitted to being an actual pedophile? Shouldn’t Antifa be tweeting out Takei’s location every time he’s spotted in public? The left will do none of the above because they are sanctimonious hypocrites.

Three days before this non-controversy broke, Milo appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher. Conspicuously absent from the broadcast was Intercept founding editor Jeremy Scahill. Scahill had been a scheduled guest up until the moment Yiannopoulos’ booking was announced, then he decided a tantrum was in order. The statement he issued dripped with virtue signals and cheap attempts to attain some kind of faux moral high ground: Milo is a racist and there is no merit in debating him. That Scahill had no issue engaging in a heated debate with actual racist Touré Neblett, is beside the point as his politics lean left, and there is that pesky double standard that comes into play when dealing with someone on the right.

Leftist logic cannot be broadly applied; it works for only one topic at a time. They’ll argue that Voter ID laws are racist and unnecessary, legislation to fix problems that don’t exist since nobody has ever voted illegally, but want a ban on assault rifles because of how easy they are to modify, make fully automatic and massacre hundreds, something nobody has ever done.

And speaking of Voter ID requirements, have you ever had a Leftie angrily declare that these laws target black people with almost surgical precision to disenfranchise them and keep them from voting Democrat? Try asking a follow-up question, like which part of the actual law hurts blacks the most. They’ll dance around the idea that black people often don’t have state IDs (what the fuck are you talking about?) or that we should allow same-day registration or else they won’t be able to vote (are you calling blacks disorganized?) It seems to me that the only people these laws stand to hurt are illegals trying to vote. Bring that up and it comes right back around to the leftie talking point that Trump is a ‘sore loser’ as there definitely weren’t millions of illegal votes cast in this election (spoiler alert: there were).

This is the left of today. When I came face to fist (my face, their fist) with the Antifa protesting a recent talk by Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes, the hundreds of them that had us outnumbered kept chanting “we punch Nazis,” and it’s scary. If you think somebody is literally Hitler, is literally a Nazi, and is literally going to commit genocide, then you feel morally justified when you punch them in the face. Hell, it’s the least you can do. The problem is they’ve taken to calling everyone on the right a Nazi or a fascist these days. Literally, everyone. Donald Trump is a fascist, so it’s ok to wish him dead. He is, after all, plotting genocide against non-whites and women and trannies. Milo is an actual Nazi, so it is incumbent upon every decent human being in and around Berkeley to shut down his talk by any means necessary. Smash windows, set cars on fire, mace and beat the shit out of those coming to hear him speak. He is a Nazi. A gay, Jew, Nazi who loves the taste of black dick, and bigot that he is he doesn’t deserve a platform. Before Simon and Schuster caved to public pressure and rescinded his book deal, liberals argued that he never should have been given the opportunity in the first place. Snookie wrote a fucking book, but Milo is off limits.

And the truth is they don’t care about Nazis or fascists because anybody with a dictionary and at least a room temperature IQ can see that the left are the actual fascists these days. All they care about is showing others how virtuous they are. Show up at a protest and spit at Nazis, scream “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” angrily in a cop’s face, donate to Planned Parenthood, Instagram pics or it didn’t happen.  They don’t have facts on their side, just the feeling that they’re on the ‘right side of history’ and the knowledge that they stand with their favorite actors and singers and reality TV stars. And they ‘won’ the popular vote so they feel like they have the numbers.

The mainstream media almost entirely pushes their narrative, but the facts don’t bear it out. George Zimmerman wasn’t the racist murderer they wanted him to be. Michael Brown wasn’t a gentle giant executed by the police. Eric Garner wasn’t just minding his own business when the police choked him to death (neither of these things are true, despite what Anna Kasparian says). Tamir Rice’s parents are at least partially if not fully responsible for his death, not the police. Sandra Bland was a nut job. Every liberal I talk to says he has one black friend who was followed around a store by a suspicious shopkeeper even though he was in a suit at the time (I call bullshit). Every white liberal has a black friend who felt sick to their stomach when Miley Cyrus wore a grill and twerked, as that constitutes appropriation of some of the best that black culture has to offer. Every white liberal has a black friend who fears for his life when interacting with the police, despite the fact that the white liberal is statistically far more likely to die during a police interaction than their black pal. Stats don’t matter, and facts don’t matter. Their feelings matter.

Abortion is another area where calling their arguments inconsistent is an understatement. When you have a Vegan telling you all life matters and meat is murder because animals feel pain but third-trimester abortions are no different than removing your gallbladder, the hypocrisy is just screaming to be called out. They always create a straw man – what if someone was raped and was going to die if they give birth, I don’t want the life of a fetus to be valued over the life of the mother. Ignoring for a moment the fact even if this circumstance has presented itself once or twice in our lifetime it would be statistically irrelevant, if the left were willing to posit that all abortions outside of this example should not be allowed to take place, then maybe we could discuss their hypothetical. I’ve had people argue that a fetus is not a person until it breathes on its own. And mic drop. Really? What about people on respirators? They argue that a fetus is not a person and therefore has no rights. Animals aren’t people and they have rights (see the Vegan above). They argue that it’s just a fetus and not a baby yet, but all of the left seems to be fawning over Beyonce’s pregnancy with twin babies. They argue that the fetus is in the woman’s body, and therefore she can do with it as she pleases. Your body your choice right? Except when it comes to vaccines, which the left is happy to force on other women’s bodies.

At the end of the day, the abortion conversation comes down to whether or not I (as a taxpayer) should have to pay for your (as a whore) abortion. And I don’t think I should, just like you shouldn’t have to pay for the whiskey and assorted indulgences I enjoy. You ride a coat hanger and I ride a mechanical bull at the cowboy bar in Manhattan. And these middle-class white women going to NYU who are so desperately afraid that Trump’s executive orders place more regulations on a uterus than on guns aren’t even the ones that need tax-payer funded goddamn abortions. They can afford them, they’re all covered under their parents’ insurance till they’re 26 anyway. They’re fighting the good fight for poor blacks and Hispanics who are largely religious and uninterested in abortion anyway. Half of blacks and more than half of Hispanics when polled say that abortion should be completely illegal. They don’t want what you want.

The same thing can be said for gay marriage. At its peak only 42% of American blacks have supported gay marriage when 5% of blacks are gay. 57% of whites support gay marriage but only 3% of them are gay. And even of those 3% that ‘identify’ as LGBT, most are just fashionably gender-fluid since it’s uncool to be cis these days anyway. Liberals are pushing a cause in the name of minorities that the minorities don’t fucking care about. Real black dudes love homophobia and sexism and are more fun to be around than white beta-males because of that.

And this bullshit bleeds into every aspect of popular culture. The mostly white left was quick to get #OscarsSoWhite trending in 2016 when all twenty of the acting nominations for that years Academy Awards were white. Many virtue signalers found this lack of diversity appalling, willfully ignoring the fact that black actors generally average more than 13% of those in the running, in excess of their percentage of the American population. This year, with blacks taking up 25% of the acting nominations, I was surprised that instead of seeing #OscarsTooBlack all over the place, the new Twitter cause du jour is #OscarsSoAgeist.

In fact, arguing about the Oscars in 2016 was painful. Most lefties thought I proved their point when I told them blacks made up 13% of acting nominations. They said it should be 50%. The forced diversity in our media makes it seem shocking to most that there are so few blacks in this country. Whenever you watch TV there is a black guy in every social circle, the black pediatric oncologist, a black judge. They create a vision of diversity that doesn’t match the real world. The white dude, Asian dude, black woman with the big afro and Pakistani woman hanging out in the cell phone commercial are not friends in real life. That never fucking happens.

Name any liberal cause and it can be easily debunked. Take liberal logic on any one issue and try to apply it to another and it will prove the opposite of their point. The left that I came of age as a part of in the 90s stood for facts over feelings. We saw the conservative right and moral majority clinging to the kind of delusional generalizations that rational thought could easily unwind. Nowadays that perfectly describes the left. Social justice warriors that were largely fond of Barack Obama nudging the corruption of the American system along with no marked difference when compared to the 43 administrations that preceded his are now outraged by a true outsider taking the reins and keeping campaign promises for the first time in my life. Ultimately, you cannot call yourself a champion of reason and logic and an opponent of groupthink if you don’t consider yourself team Milo today, and if you call yourself a punk rocker and didn’t vote Trump/Pence you’re a fucking sellout.