The Lazy Girl’s Guide: 7 Ways To Get Through Your Morning With Minimal Effort


Getting up early, getting ready, and fighting traffic all the way to school or work can be a beast. We deal with in on a daily basis. In light of that, here are seven hacks to make your morning a bit of a quicker and simpler process, and maybe even buy you a little time to sleep in:

1. We all know that the worst struggle of the day is figuring out what to wear. You can be running 10 minutes behind schedule, and you’ll still be standing in front of your closet trying to tell yourself that your bright red slacks totally match that baby pink button-down… because everything else is in the dirty laundry. The solution? Create a monotone wardrobe. Black, a varying shades of grey, dark blue, and tan are solid choices. Even better, keep the styles really simple and clean-cut. That way no matter what you blindly grab out of your dresser at dark 5:30 AM, you will be flawlessly matched.

2. Some of the greatest amount of effort we put into our day is finding a caffeine source in the morning. We will subject ourselves to waking up an hour earlier than usual so we have time to drive to Starbucks and wait in line for 25 minutes. For all of you who prioritize your sleep, you need to consider quicker and more time efficient caffeine options. Personally, I keep a Costco-sized pack of Monster energy drinks in my trunk. (Yes, I know energy drinks are the devil, but hey, they work.)

If you don’t like that idea, then keep a huge pitcher of cold coffee in the fridge, and toss a mug of it in the microwave as you grab breakfast in the A.M. Or buy a pack of whatever caffeinated tea you’re into. Find your thing. Sleep in. Avoid half an hour lines full of angry caffeine-less people.

3. So you just realized that your outfit needs to be ironed. But you barely have time to jump in the shower and dry your hair. Not a problem. Just hang the outfit up in the bathroom, take a steamy shower, and blow-dry your hair. The heat caused by the shower and the blow-dryer will sufficiently erase the wrinkles, and body heat will do the rest. (Disclaimer: If it’s really wrinkled though, good luck. Your best bet is tossing it in the dryer for 15 minutes.)

4. In the winter, invest in a nice, long, classy coat. It will save your life. In the case of absolute emergency, you can toss it on over anything with a solid pair of shoes, and *poof* you are now ready to face the world. Personal testimony: I woke up late for an interview, tossed on my knee-length suede leather coat over my volleyball spandex and a t-shirt, and raced over like a person possessed. According to the interviewer, I was ‘very professional’ and it was ‘reflected in my attitude and attire’. So yes, the magic of a nice coat is a staple for all you lazy people out there.

5. So since it’s definitely an unavoidable part of the morning routine, a word on make-up. All you really need is nice tinted moisturizer, mascara, and a bright lipstick. And of those three, the most important is lipstick. Not only will the bright color make you look bright eyed in bushy tailed, but you might even look like you tried. Bonus: It’s feasible to put on while driving in rush hour, unlike mascara.

6. Some days showers are just overrated. We don’t have the time or energy, and by the time you’ve hit snooze twice, you have a total of 13 minutes before you have to be in your car, driving into the thick of traffic and death. Most people will tell you dry shampoo is the answer. But if you have thin hair, dry shampoo can sometimes end up looking worse. The alternative? Slick that hair back into a sleep ponytail or bun, and pop on a headband. Ta-da! People spend money on gel to get this look. You did it with your body oil. Feel fantastic.

7. Last but definitely not least: food. Let’s face it, the moment you actually need to eat you either are busy, too broke to go to a restaurant, or stuck somewhere on the highway hoping you aren’t going to be (too late) to work. Words of wisdom from a professional foodie (aka. Me): Next time you are at the store, arm yourself with a box of granola bars or a bag of trail mix and never let it leave your purse. (Unless it expires or you eat it all. And then by all means, please get rid of it.) Personally, packs of Apple Cinnamon oatmeal are my staple. It tastes pretty good dry, and it’s always super filling. So it’s a win-win situation.