The Late Night Train


Many a sleepless night, I lie there in the darkness, eyes open wide
Lost in a myriad of thoughts, I wander aimlessly, searching for a ride

A colossal light appears in the horizon, thundering towards me like a mighty juggernaut
It approaches hastily still, I recognize it, my late night train of thought

Rain starts to pour and hail shortly follows. A storm is slowly brewing, I’m already soaking wet
Jump on the train, I decide, like I’ve done so many times. Feels like I keep on paying a giant endless debt

I walk across the hallway like I did a million times before. Ah, there it is! My usual window seat is here
Gazing through the window, I keep on staring at my usual thoughts, memories, and my one greatest fear

A lighting bolt ferociously strikes, everything goes dark, it’s suddenly pitch black
Memories, thoughts, and fears start seeping in, like water through the window crack

Maybe this is how it finally ends; to finally find peace, a passenger on an endless trip
Forever roaming the railway of my convoluted mind, trapped in this cursed ship

Zapping thoughts continue to ricochet in my head though, denying me even that sort of rest
What a tiring existence this has become, I’m discontented with taking this neverending test

Alas, I always seem to do this to me every time I get back on my feet
When will it end? I ask myself; I can take it no more, I’m utterly dead beat

Knots so tight have me tied, I struggle to break free, I endure through the ultimate pain
Whatever it takes, I must find it in me to conjure the courage to jump off this damned train

I tell myself, Maybe this time, things will pan out just the way I hope
For that is only way I would keep my sanity, the one way I could cope