The Kind Of Career Every Girl Deserves


You deserve to live a life where you’re not always waiting for summer vacation or a snow day. You deserve to enjoy Monday through Friday as much as you enjoy the weekend. You deserve a career you actually like.

You deserve a career you would pursue, even if you didn’t get paid. Even if you didn’t get benefits. Even if you didn’t get attention. You deserve a career that feels more like fun than work. 

You deserve to wake up in the morning, excited about the day ahead of you. You shouldn’t dread the hours to come. You shouldn’t have a habit of smashing snooze, because the last thing you want is to roll out of bed and begin your day.

You deserve to feel fulfilled, because you are doing what you feel like you were meant to be doing with your time. Because you found a way to make money out of your greatest passion.

You deserve a career you chose because it makes you happy, not because it makes a lot of money.

You deserve a job you excel at because you actually enjoying learning new things and growing into a better worker. Because even when you’re off the clock, you’re thinking about your career, because it’s more than a career. It’s a hobby. It’s a passion.

You deserve to feel successful. To feel like you’re doing something that actually holds meaning. Something that actually makes a difference in this world, or at least, in your world.

In addition to that, you deserve a career where you are appreciated. Where the people surrounding you compliment you when you do a job well done and encourage you to keep growing, to become even better than you already are.

You deserve to meet up with your friends on weekends and brag about what you accomplished during the work week. Not switch subjects the second they ask you about work, because it’s the last thing you want to talk about when you’re trying to unwind.

Work doesn’t have to be something you dread. You don’t have to force yourself to do something you hate.

Maybe you’re stuck in a job you can’t stand right now, because you need to make money to pay your rent and unemployment is not an option, but if you find your passion, you can still pursue it. During weekends. During lunch breaks. During late nights when you can’t sleep.

With enough hard work and dedication, one day you can switch over to the career you really want to have. Or at least a career that you don’t completely hate. A career that is a little less stressful than the one you have now.

If you want to experience true happiness, never lower your standards when it comes to your relationships or your career, because you deserve the best. You deserve whatever you have your heart set on earning. 

You deserve a career you love, because you’re going to be spending way too much time at work to be stuck doing something you hate.