The Journey To Finding God


The most important realization about your journey to finding God is that he never left you in the first place. If you have ever read the bestselling book of the millennium, The Alchemist, you would know that the protagonist, a young boy named Santiago, travels across the Sahara only to find what he seeks in the very place he began. It is not the reward that was worthwhile but rather the journey and lessons learnt along the way.

We all wish there was a simple guide to help us have a rich connection with God, but truth be told, it is all about putting in the work and having faith that in the end, it will all work out. The world we live in makes it seem easy to converse with a higher power; so many of us log onto the internet and are accosted with ‘spiritual gurus’ that are living their best lives. We feel small and insignificant, questioning why we cannot hear the voice of God whispering to us in our darkest times.

Friends, I’m here to tell you that there is no formula but the best place to start is by stripping yourself raw. Shed what you used to know—old rituals, patterns, coping mechanisms, and thought processes. Lay bare and ask questions. Leave the judgments behind, for it is not your place to execute retribution. Learn to be still with your thoughts, as if your inner being is not quiet—all else will always be too blaring.

Allow for your guides to speak without interrupting. They will hold your hand and lead you to Him. When you are ready to bravely face the light, welcome it and give thanks for gratitude is the first sign of love. Allow God to nourish your soul and trust Him enough to know what is best for you. Being in touch with God happens on an hourly basis. It is the decisions we choose to make, the responses we construct and the manner we embrace our enemies. And just as Paulo Coelho reminds us in The Alchemist, “The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.” So I appeal to you to be gentle on yourself on the journey. To remember that a no can mean not now. Enjoy discovering yourself.