The Internet Is Dumbfounded Over This Viral Twitter Rant That Claims Women Should Let Their Men Cheat


There are lots of different ideas out there about how relationships can work. And that’s totally fine, like to each their own.

But there is a viral twitter rant by @rashida_ce that is getting a little pushback from people. @Rashida_ce claims that it is totally natural and okay for men to cheat, while it is unnatural and inappropriate for women to do so. She claims that a man cheating is not a good reason for a woman to leave a relationship, among other things.

This is what has gotten some people in a bit of a fuss:

Rashida claims that men simply have higher libidos than women do, and so they shouldn’t try to learn self control, but that women should just accept that fact.

She goes on:

While she concedes that it isn’t really fair, Rashida urges everyone to just accept it. “Whatever he wants,” she argues.

“A guy can love you and have bitches.” Wow, a very interesting opinion to be sure.

Here are some of the most popular responses:

What do you think? Would you let a man cheat in your relationship while you stay loyal?