The Heartbreaking Journey Of Finally Showing My Body The Love That It Deserves


I have been cruel, mean, deceitful and angry with you.
I have hurt you; broken you down as far as I could.
I have called you harsh names and shamed you in as many ways I could think of
I have deprived, starved, and tried to force you to see you were nothing to me.
Yet through it all, you’ve stayed with me; never leaving my side.
You’ve taken me to places I never thought I’d travel to and continue to show me the world.
You’ve never stopped reminding me of your presence and devotion to me.
You’ve stood tall and though you’ve been weak you persevered through it all.
You’ve grown and become strong despite my greatest efforts to defeat you.

I haven’t made it easy for you to stay with me and some may say I’ve made it impossible for you to love me back.

But, you’ve given me hope and slowly I’ve began to believe in the hope you have fed to me.

You’ve shown me a new life and I want to give back to you the power you gave to me.

I’ve learned that you and I are meant to be one; because in harmony there is tremendous strength.

As you’ve started to reach new strides; you’ve shown me what we can achieve together.

Buried and pushed aside by layers of complex emotions that I didn’t’ understand, I always knew you were amazing but now, through reflection, choices and learning, I’m sure of it.

You’ve shown me the love I deserve and in turn, I have found a love in you,

You are my body.

Although I’ve tried to change you and mold you into a distorted fantasy of “perfection”, you stood strong and made me realize our love story is the best one I’ve ever read. Our love story is one of trial and error and one of fear and hate; transformed into love and admiration. You, my body, have shown me that no matter how curvy or how lanky you may look, that you will love me no matter what. You have shown me that the more imperfect we are, the more beauty we hold, for no matter how many times we’ve fallen we always have and always will get back up; together.

Our love story is a lesson.

I may not have loved you every step of the way and although there were days I left you starving or days where I tried to hurt you, you stayed with me and carried me through each one of our trials and tribulations that we had to face together.

So now all I can say is thank you.

You wake up with me every morning.
I am grateful for the way you allow me to wake up and live so uniquely.
You give me the brain power to think and be a strong minded individual.
I thank you for the way my mind has the capacity to constantly learn.
You give me the strength to travel to any destination.
I praise you for allowing my legs to move, for the way I can walk and for the places I can run.
You have shown me beauty and individuality.
I am in love with you, unconditionally.
You are mine and I am yours and together we are uniquely and beautifully imperfect.