The Heart Knows, Even If You Don’t


The heart knows, even if you don’t.

Over the course of our lifetime, love will land on our doorstep in all shades and measures. From the tiny ones that come from nowhere and are fleeting, but just enough to fill that smallest hole in your heart, to those great powerful ones that whoosh you off your feet and render you a feather lost in the wind. And then there are the ones that last forever. The ones that are like granite, that stand the test of time as they grow, as they deepen with every kiss, with every darkening storm and every magnificent leap of joy.

Love will push us to highs and lows we dare to imagine, forcing us to spread our wings and soar. Then, without so much as a warning, it will send us spiraling back to earth, broken and forlorn. There is no greater misery than a heart cast off to sea, a heart forever wondering, “Why have thee forsaken me? Am I so ugly, so nothing, so undeserving?”

This is the place where reality and yearning collide. The crossroad of today and tomorrow. Your one moment in the sun, where you either wither and die or pick yourself up and do something empowering. Something you once thought impossible. Something that could go either way. But you won’t let it. You won’t, and you can’t, because you know without love, there’s no air. Without love, there’s no warmth, there’s no light at the end of any tunnel, no hope for a better tomorrow. All these things are visceral and inherent, heralding the ultimate truth that a life without love is indeed not a life at all—no matter how great or how small.

So you do the only thing you can. Take a breath. Dust your glorious self off.  And fly.