The Hardest Goodbyes Are The Ones We Wish We’d Never Said


People say that the hardest goodbyes are the ones never said. I always believed that the hardest goodbyes are the ones said but wish we didn’t. The goodbyes that we never wanted to say in the first place. Goodbyes to the people we never wanted to lose.

There are people that we thought we’d have around until our last breath. But one way or another, they weren’t meant to stay in our lives. All we’ll have is the fond memories of them, fond memories with them.

There’s no way of bringing them back. No more redoes. We can’t reverse time and make them stay or come back. There’s nothing you could’ve done to change things. We have to accept that. We have to move on with our life.

But don’t worry, sometimes the goodbyes were always for the best. We have to let them go. It could be for us or for them. No matter what, we have to do our best to be happy without them, even if we’ll always think that life would’ve been happier with them in it.

Keep your head high and look forward to better days ahead. At first, It’ll be strange not having a person that brought you so much joy around. And it’s perfectly okay to miss them and wish somehow they were back in our lives. Relive the memories you made with them. Cry if you need to. It’s part of the process. Do what you need to until you get yourself back on the right track in life.

It’s all part of life and God’s plan. Every person that’s come into our lives has a purpose. They were meant to teach us a lesson. We needed them and they needed us. Pray for them, no matter where they are. Love knows no distance. And you can still love them, even when they aren’t around anymore.