This Is The Secret You Have Been Hiding From Yourself


Oh god, maybe you don’t know yet. Maybe
no one’s told you. Okay, I’ll make this gentle
then because you deserve to know. We’ll
make it a game. Repeat after me:
“I am loved and I am worthy. I am
loved and I am enough.”

Your turn.
Now, this may be difficult at first,
maybe the words don’t sound right on your
tongue but we’ll take our time, go slow.
I’ll sit here with you feeding you your lines
like an echo until you’re ready to say
them on your own.

Now let’s play a new game:
I spy something soft with rough edges, something
that knows the words that could start a war,
something that breaks down and breaks through,
something with a nervous laugh and shaky hands,
something very easy to love.

Now I ask: Do you see what I see?