The Boy Who Will Always Be Out Of Reach


There will be a series of boys you will like, but you can never reach. I’m not talking about celebrity crushes, because we all know that that relationship isn’t happening. Ever. I’m talking about that cute boy who is a couple of years older than you. He’s drop dead gorgeous (at least to you) with a great sense of humor. He’s smart, witty. doesn’t smoke or drink. He isn’t a player and just an all-around great guy. He is almost perfect — except for those little quirks you notice. You know, like how he’s awkward when he’s around a crowd. That adorable face he makes when he’s thinking hard about something. That cute little shuffle he does when you see him talk to older people, down to that little grin that appears on his face when he’s looking at little kids.

You don’t really talk to him, you smile occasionally and even say hello once in a blue moon, but you guys never become anything more than casual acquaintances. (Although in your head, you’re already planning this great big wedding and how many children you’re going to have.) You really do like him, but you also know that nothing is ever going to happen between the two of you. And there are so many reasons why. There could be a lot of girls after him, seeing in him what you saw. He could be in a relationship with the female version of himself. Your best friend called dibs on him. He may be way out of your league. He could never possibly like you more than a friend. Hell, he may swing the other way. Any one of these could be why you two aren’t meant to be together, but unlike ordinary crushes where this realization would absolutely crush your heart and break it into a million pieces, it doesn’t bother you at all.

Do you want to know why? Because like that crazy expensive dress or that totally irrelevant $250,000 diamond-embossed Rolex you’ve been eyeing for some time, you can live a happy life without it (or him for that matter). He’s just a source of inspiration when you lack motivation. Like that first shot tequila, absolutely invigorating but gets lost in a sea of alcohol after a while. His purpose isn’t to make your heart race, just to give you a smile on days where you feel down. He is the happy crush you always go back to after a brutal break up. (You’ve probably used his paper as your wallpaper to make your boyfriend jealous.) His name is the name you tell someone who asks you who your crush is and you don’t really have a particular boy in mind. He was never meant to be the center of your universe, just a really bright star on a secluded corner making your galaxy a little brighter.