The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With Someone Who Loves And Respects Their Parents


They will worship the ground that you walk on.

I once dated a guy who absolutely respected and loved his mom. This man absolutely loved and respected every decision I made. If I told him no, we’re not going there, his reaction would be okay, we’re not going there. Pretty awesome right? Saves you the headache of arguing over little things.

I would tell him to pick me up, he would pick me up with no questions asked. Of course, he’s a grown man and had his own opinions as well and ensured that he voiced them. For the most part though, I was the one in charge because that’s how he was raised. To respect women and treat us like the queens that we are.

They will be upfront and honest with you.

If they love and respect their parents, chances are they’re going to mimic what they saw from their parents growing up. With them being a respectful human being, since they gave you a chance at love with them, chances are they’re going to love and respect you enough to be upfront and honest with you. No games. Which is a good thing because chances are if you’re wanting to get serious with someone, you’re sick of the games in dating.

When I had started getting serious with this man, he had once told me to wear his sweatshirt with his last name on the back because he wants people to know that someday, I was going to have his last name. I had never had a guy be very blunt like that. Most men are very timid about the subject of a future.

This also saves a lot of headache of trying to interpret their every move. Does he like me? Does he not? Are we a thing? Should I text him first? Best feeling in the world to know what you signed up for.

They are good listeners.

Respectful human beings = Great listeners. This also makes good life partners because communication is key in every relationship. You just had a craptastic day. The best feeling in the world is going home to your significant other and just releasing out the crappy feeling of your day. This human being will listen and provide you with the comfort that you need to turn your day around.

When I had first started dating this man, I was so unhappy with my job. I just kept telling him about how I felt restrained from utilizing all of my skill sets that I have attained from college. His response was change it, quit and find a new job to bring that beautiful smile to your face. Ladies, are your panties wet yet?

They will protect you emotionally and physically.

Since they love and respect their parents so much, chances are they wouldn’t want to hurt you because they wouldn’t want to see their parents get hurt either.

Here’s an example of the protection I speak of: I remember one time we went to a festival and there were these group of men hollering at me trying to get my attention. He then yells at them to knock it off and that I’m not interested.

If you were dating someone who doesn’t have that respect, chances are they probably would have just let that group of pigs continue to holler. There was never a moment in that relationship that I felt vulnerable or unprotected.

They will love you with every ounce of their body.

This is the most important attribute of the human being because it means that they will give it their all in the relationship. When I was dating this guy, there was never a moment where I didn’t feel loved. He’d open doors for me, he’d tell me I’m beautiful, and he always made sure I had a smile on my face. There was never a negative moment with this man. It didn’t work out for other reasons but I can vouch that I received all the love in the world from him.

When it comes to dating someone who loves and respects their parents, you must also return the favor. What this means is you must also love and respect their parents right back.

I say this because these parents are the ones who birthed and raised this glorious human being. The appreciation is very much needed. As you get older, your schedule tends to get busy and chances are you don’t have as much time to invest on spending time with your parents. So if your significant other is busy, go ahead and give their parents a ring and check out how their day is going.

Little things will put a smile on your elders’ faces. Go ahead and pick up your phone and call your own parents and thank them for creating the awesome human being that you are.