The Best Part About Love Is Falling For You


The best part about love is falling for you.

Whether it was the first time you saw him or her at the coffee shop, or your eyes met at that local free concert that you attended or whether it was simply just an ordinary day at work or at school or college when your eyes laid themselves on that one person. And then you felt like nothing would ever be the same.

It is that very moment when it feels like you’re falling down a waterfall or you’re floating in space. It felt like the collision of two universes, forming vivid memories and giving feelings of some new kinds of energy. And then came the peaceful moments of rotating around each other where both of you became each other’s axes.

And then came the falling out, where you both or maybe one of you got sucked into a black hole, bequeathed with nothing but remnants from your times spent together and memories of her touches and his words, which he seldom spoke.

Therefore, the best part about love is the initial moment of your eyes locking or your hands brushing or the secret moments of happiness when you both shared your passions for the same thing. It is this very moment that makes you feel like life is worth all the negative fundamentals that it is made of.

The fabricated facades that makes you fall for each other is the epitome of the rose petals blooming and then later falling on the ground. It is this exact moment that makes you appreciate life and makes you feel thankful for the little privileges that you have been given to experience such a budding instance.

Your existence suddenly makes sense because of these few seconds. You start cherishing your time that you have been given on earth.

And this one moment gets fragmented into infinite little moments of your revival. You feel charged like neon that can even triumph over sunlight. And the little moments of build up before you both finally confess your love for each other are like putting back the dainty petals of a rose together. To your surprise, you feel like an artist wanting to express yourself in the most romantic ways possible.

You start thinking about all the possibilities that you both might find yourselves in. You start thinking, that how, if you two were forbidden lovers, then they would bleed temptation and you would bleed desire.

You start observing yourself observing them, their little scars or birthmarks exposed in peculiar spaces, the crinkles around their eyes and their mouths that form when they smile and their laughs that impersonates the explosion of galaxies. And these little things memorize themselves in your mind.

That is why, falling for someone is the most beguiling part. Going beyond all the biological explanations of the neurotransmitters’ that are released in your brain which makes you feel like you’re in some state of a high, it is the feeling of the initial instantaneous connection that penultimately places itself as the best part throughout the whole experience.

It makes your imagination wild like an invincible heart on an ambitious quest that cannot be stopped. Your mind becomes a cassette player in its own form and keeps replaying that instance, that first interaction that you both had.

Because no matter how far your story goes and how many chapters you finish, but the first time you fell for them is always etched into your mind, whether it’s for your will or against it and undoubtedly it is a memory that can always make you smile.