The Best Is Yet To Come


The best is yet to come.

It feels like such an overused phrase, a broken record from your grandparent’s collection that has seen one too many days. How many times has this saying been used in movies and songs? How many love stories?

But if it didn’t ring so true, would it have been used so often? It’s not a myth that has gone the way of extinction and old-time rock ‘n roll. It’s alive, it’s vibrant, and it runs side by side with hope and faith. You have to always remember that your best times are still ahead. Let us bypass living in the present for now and save that for another day. Let our present moment focus on what’s to come. Let’s focus on all the wonderful things the Universe and life have to offer you.

If you’re having a horrible day, an unbearable month, what seems like an unending year of just bad luck and misfortune, of anything that could go wrong did go wrong, remember that the best is yet to come. That if you can make it until tomorrow, then you can make it another day. A day is only 24 hours, whether you are the richest person in the world or the poorest, whether you are the happiest person or the saddest. So, if you can just get past those 24 hours, you’re that much closer to a brighter day.

And if you are having an amazing moment, a blissful day, a year of bountiful growth and learning, then there are so many days like this ahead. Why enjoy one kiss from your lover when you can enjoy immeasurable ones for the rest of your life? Enjoy the moment that you have, of course, but enjoy the idea that so many more are yet to come. They say you can never relive the moment once it’s passed and that holds true, but they never said the next moment won’t be better than the last.