The Best Gift You Ever Gave Me Was Leaving


It was only when my heart was cracked wide open that I learned who I truly was.

I would choose loneliness any day. I would rather be on my own, radiating love and light from every cell of my being, uplifting those in my path, working hard every waking moment to make a tangible impact in this world, and living authentically and centered in my truth than to stay with someone who, through his actions, showed me what love was not. Someone who put himself first above all, who lacked compassion for those around him, who defined success according to the world’s shallow definition, who deceived so well until he just became a façade, and who took far more than he ever could give.

And I realize that I simply don’t know how to love slowly. How to only give a part of myself while protecting the rest. Ask for a river and I’ll give you an ocean. My love knew no bounds. I jumped despite the fear. I loved you as much as I could, as hard as I could, for as long as I could. But now I know, a wound in one, the other cannot heal.

I often find myself thinking about diamonds and gold. Diamonds are made with extreme pressure and gold is refined through fire. No pressure, no diamonds. No fire, no gold.

The best gift you ever gave me was leaving. Thank you for breaking my heart wide open so that I could uncover deep truths about myself, about life, and most of all, redefine what love is by first seeing what it is not. Now, when I look deep within myself, all I see are diamonds and gold. The strength of my soul will forever overpower the pain you caused because through it, I found myself—as pure as gold, as strong as diamonds.

And for that, I thank you.