The Beauty Of Coming Home To Yourself


Coming home to yourself, coming home back into your soul, is essential to our inner well-being every day.

Coming home into union brings you back to your roots. These roots go deep down into grounding yourself to feel peace and harmony within. This is the time to collect any fragments of your own energy that may have broken away throughout the day and bring them back home.

Loving yourself and bringing the pieces back together again that may have broken away is almost like rebooting the machine. Our bodies are like machines at times, and we need to take care of them to keep the engine running in all aspects. We must align with the present moments and just allow and honor how that may feel. Sitting with that feeling can also feel uncomfortable, which can only mean there is a reason for that.

It’s important to just let it out—breathe, scream, release through movement. Let that stagnant tension be released from your body. Dance in the moment, jump around, shake it out, be still, and take deep breaths in and out. Allow your soul to show you the way. It can feel strange at first, but trust your soul to guide you and show you the way. Trust what comes to you and through you in these moments.

Coming home, breathing, and being still in the moment is where you find the answers to your questions you may have circling in your mind. Any doubts, fears, and illusions that cause blockages for forward movement wherever that may sit in your life will be answered if you just feel and listen. Your answers are already within you and it is never out of reach.

No more ‘what if this?’ or questioning ‘why?’ for any reason in your present moments you may have. It is just as simple as taking a few breaths to anchor back into yourself again. Sometimes when we get lost, that is where we are also found.

How beautiful and yet so very simple it is if you give yourself permission to do so. We can give ourselves permission each day to be found and see what we have taken on in our day and what needs to be released that does not serve us in any way.

The main thing is to always be thankful for the guidance you have been shown and hold that space of gratitude. How many times do you honor yourself each day?