The Beauty After Every Storm


Storm literally means heavy rain, strong winds and having nostalgic feelings upon hearing the sound of the rain. As I sit in my office table with a cup of coffee, I suddenly remembered how calm the sky was before the storm came. The birds flew in flock to another habitat for they already know what was coming.

And so I recall, the calm skies used to be you and me. Having no worries at all and just enjoying the sight of the birds flying over us. No, we didn’t see it coming. We never got prepared of the storm that was heading towards us. How can we not see it? Are we too pre-occupied of the existence of just you and me? Are we too busy having our imaginations of what kind of a person we should be? I do not know. Even if people ask me a million times, my answer would still be I don’t know.

It was like all of a sudden the heavy rain poured down on us and we looked for a shelter of our own. We never shared that shelter during the rain. I don’t know where you are and you don’t know where I am. I was only thinking of my own self as I sheltered myself from the strong winds and heavy rain outside and so do you. We never met halfway during that storm. It was like you were in the east and I on the west.

Only then I realized you were not beside me when I woke up after that storm which happened over night. I was wondering if you also felt the same when you woke up on that day. That I was no longer around, that I was nowhere to be found.

And when I went out of that shelter, I was enthralled of the destruction the storm has caused. Everything was torn and looks like only time could decide when these trees and flowers will ever grow again. Realizing that the storm was actually hitting us, it left us with scars in our hearts and thinking when will be the time it will totally heal us.

And so the beauty after every storm is the journey of finding questions as to how and why it happened. Why we never saw the storm coming unlike the birds that flew in flock to avoid the bad weather. After all, the efforts in finding reasons and answers will be never left in vain. As quoted by Elizabeth Gilbert from the movie Eat Pray Love; “When the past has passed from you at last, let go. Then climb down and begin the rest of your life with great joy.”