The Beautiful Thing About Being The Girl Who’s Really Emotional


Some days life is great, and then some days life just plain sucks. Let’s admit, everyone wants to give up at one point, no matter how “great” the situation might seem. However, the key is-DON’T.

Losing hope and faith is a real thing, and gaining confidence is one big journey we all find ourselves on. But, what’s it really like being a girl on an emotional roller coaster? Beautiful, crazy, sad, confusing, hard, amazing. These things, and many more, determine the emotional content of the day when things go right and go sour.

Recently I have struggled with multiple boy issues, like, “who do I like”, and “will he like me back?” I’ve also struggled with hearing so many influential stories of those who have picked up and gotten out of their small town to do great things, even though making use of the situation you’re in and doing something great with it is still a viable and completely successful option. Now, I’m here to tell you, that it’s 100% okay to be that girl.

It is so okay for one day you to be completely and utterly happy with your life and the decisions you make, and then the next day want to completely change your mind and give up.
It’s okay to not believe in yourself and lose your confidence, but the key is pushing through that storm and dancing in the rain. Cliché, right? It is. But, being a girl on an emotional roller coaster has so many perks, even through the downsides.

I know I know, sometimes being emotional leads you to take every word someone says to you and overthink it and analyze it because you just need to know what it means. It also means that you are more prone to let others influence your decision, whether it’s who to date or where to move to. You also freak out when your crush won’t reply to that snapchat, and all you want to do is cry because you think he isn’t into you. But, let’s get to the important part; the perks.

Perks about being an emotional girl who can’t make up her mind when she hears one new bit of information that leads to a new road? Yes. First of all, being emotional shows you above all care about every decision you make, even if it’s what to have at Chipotle. You wear your heart on your sleeve and can talk about how you feel; something most people can’t and/or are afraid of doing. Secondly, being emotional means you are strong and courageous.

It’s safe to say that you take almost everything to heart because you care about the little things in life.
With that, comes the roller coaster part. When it’s good, it’s great and when it’s bad, it sucks. However, you become this strong and beautiful creation of life that has seen struggles and has learned to overcome them.

Above all, being that girl who’s on an emotional roller coaster at one or more points in her life simply is beautiful. Do not let what others say or do to you influence who you are. If you want to cry at that cute baby you passed 4 blocks ago, do it. If you want to move to the city across the country, do it. If that boy doesn’t see how worth it you are because you would give him the world, ditch him. You are kind, funny, joyful, and a beauty to behold.

Never let anyone dull the sparkle that lives inside of you. Trust in yourself
, not in others. Don’t let a new adventure that someone else lived, interrupt yours. You’ve got this. Make each moment, good or bad, count. Embrace your love that you have to give and let the world know just who you are.