The 70 Little Things That Just Prove How Much I Love You


1. The way your laughter rumbles from your chest.

2. That little frown between your brows when you are reading something. I always wanna kiss that spot.

3. Your hands. I am irrationally attracted to them.

4. That sliver of skin that shows when your shirt accidentally lifts up. I am parched.

5. Jawline. No other words.

6. You in chinos, shirtless and barefoot, all rumpled hair and walking around your place – making my heartbeat in a wild staccato.

7. The way your voice changes when you talk to dogs and it makes me realize you can get the pup (or me) to do anything you want when you coax her like that and that’s exactly the word I would use: coax.

8. Your hair. Especially that soft fuzz on the back that meets your nape. I just have the wildest urge to run my fingers through it every time.

9. When you get up from bed wearing nothing but boxers, as I lay watching thinking this is home.

10. Your hand on your chest.

11. All the sweet messages you send me all throughout the day.

12. Seeing you play with kids. Even if it’ll be years before we have anything that resembles a baby, its how I know you will be a great dad someday.

13. Your quick wit and dry humor.

14. The mole near your shoulder. I just want to put my lips on it.

15. Every time you say my name. The way the letters blend so well together and they roll off your mouth like my name was only meant to be coming from those lips.

16. The way you crack open one eye upon walking up and that slow smile. It gets me every time.

17. You being an absolute pest and I get mad so you do it more knowing I can never stand for so long. That’s just how we are.

18. When you say “Yes ma’am.”

19. You barefoot in the kitchen making your bowtie pasta salad.

20. I could watch you sleep for days. All days of my life. So peaceful and childlike.

21. Thumb on lips when you’re in deep thought.

22. When you do manly labor like woodwork.Or even making a pen from a block of wood.

23. The way you look in the mornings. All hair, raspy bedroom voice, scruff and sleepy smiles.I’ll gladly take your last name if I can have that sight for the rest of my life.

24. How smart you are makes my girly bits scream.

25. At the end of a really stressful day from work, you open up your arms and say “C’mere”

26. How you say “Hey… I love you…” randomly and it makes my heart melt because I know you mean it every time.

27. The way you say “Just like that, baby. Just like that..”

28. When you mess with the cuff of your shirt. Or you rolling up your sleeves so casually like it’s not making me writhe in agony.

29. When you speak so passionately about the things you care about. Space, anime, sneakers, science. I could listen for hours.

30. Genuinely laughing or smiling. Especially if it’s because of me.

31. Your happy trail. It is indeed happy.

32. The way you love your grandma. I have a soft spot for grown men who shamelessly love their grans.

33. How I just wanna keep rubbing my cheek on yours.

34. Your confidence. It’s one of the sexiest things about you.

35. Your honesty comes in close second.

36. When I hear your voice, I know I am home.

37. You told me you will give me a dogwood tree because I fell in love with it. Other men would give me flowers, chocolates or even jewelry. But you, my love, would give me a tree.

38. When you tell me you prefer me without makeup.

39. The way you pet a kitten. It makes me wanna cry and I’ve never wanted to be a kitty so bad in my life.

40. I like you in crisp oxfords. But damn, when you wear ginghams…

41. Forehead kisses.

42. When you say things like “I’m gonna make a wife out of you someday!”

43. How well you can hold a conversation.

44. When you explain a video game to me. You can go on and on about it and more often than not, my ovaries are trembling.

45. You wearing a wristwatch.

46. The thought of you playing the piano.

47. You don’t often sing, but when you do, I often wish that you would do it more. Just last week, you did a very sexy cover of “You Are My Sunshine.” I couldn’t gush more.

48. When you get clean and dress up. I love how extra we can both be. We compliment each other really well.

49. Your random mumblings right before we pass out in bed. I have realized that us in bed talking about the most random things in soft sleepy voices is exactly my idea of heaven.

50. When I am at a family event and you start sending me steamy messages until I feel both embarrassed and shy.

51. Your scar. It just screams badassery. You survived something that most people wouldn’t and lived to tell the tale.

52. Your back. Especially when you sleep on your side and I find myself drawn to the way your back muscles ripple softly as you sleep.

53. When you speak another language. Spanish, Japanese… I want to say yes to everything you ask.

54. The random kisses you give me throughout the day. My favorite is when your kiss ends up with you rubbing your scruff all over my face.

55. When you put your arms behind your head, there’s something so masculine about the way your arms stretch out and your armpit hair peeks from your shirt sleeves.

56. When you stare at me with a soft smile.

57. The way you cock your head to the side when you listen to what I have to say. It can be anything from my rants about work or some silly pipeline dreams that I wanted to share with you.

58. The knowledge that you are somebody I can always depend on to be there. That you actually have my back. We are actually a perfect balance of teammates and lovers and I think that’s a beautiful thing.

59. Spooning with you, your arms around me and your face at the back of my head, nose in my hair. I couldn’t think of a safer place.

60. Your height. There is something so comforting in it. Kind of like I know you will be protective of me in all ways.

70. I could list down more things that I know I love about you but I know it won’t do justice to how much you affect me, how much you have made my life fuller. I look at you and think of all the little things that make you YOU and realize that I will forever be thankful for the fates that led me to you. That led me to us.