The 6 Most Important Relationship Rules I Have Finally Learned


Lesson One: Boundaries. While I will forever be the type of person to open my heart to anyone. I will do so with caution and not ignore the signs that may come up. I will not feel bad if I don’t meet the expectations that someone else has set for me even if that means I disappoint them.

Lesson Two: The Guilt Trip. I no longer react to that. No matter which end I may find myself at the time. No one should be made to feel guilty over something that is out of their control. After all, shit happens right?

Lesson Three: It’s okay to say no every once and a while…Saying no is necessary. It helps with the health of your relationship, but it also helps with your health in general. Its okay to give yourself a day of Netflix and chill.

Lesson Four: There are people that will come into your life, and they will fit under one of these categories. They’ll either be there for a season or for a reason. Or, They will be there long enough to teach you something. (The lesson.) And finally the blessing.

Lesson Five: Quality of quantity. This particular lesson was hard for me to catch onto. But once I did, it caught like wildfire. If you can count the number of true friends, you have in this life, on one hand, then you truly are blessed.

Lesson Six: Be aware of the ask-hole. The person who asks for your opinion but never takes it. And if they do, it’s only to suit whatever their need is for it at that moment. The best advice I can give my readers, is to not turn your blinders on when it comes to listening your gut. Listening to your gut and your heart at the same time is the safest play you can take, but it does not save you from potential heartbreak or hurt. But that is what we call life.